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Sending Assignments-Advanced Options

When sending assignments, there are several options you can choose from. 

Advanced Options

  1. Score Goal: This sets the minimum overall score you want the user to achieve before submitting the attemtp to you. You can enter a value up to 100 here or leave it blank.
  2. Grading: This sets how strict or forgiving the grading of the assessment is. The default is set to Medium.
  3. Tempo Goal: The % of written tempo you would like the users to record their attempt at. Changing the value here will change the tempo of the piece for this assignment only. Users can still change the tempo if they choose to. The default is set to 100%
  4. Playing Mode: This determines the playback mode for the assignment. You can leave this as Any Mode to allow the user to choose which mode they prefer or you can choose the mode you want the assignment to default to.
  5. Special Type: Here you can set the type of assessment the user will record. Regular means the user can see and hear their part before recording. This is the most commonnly used type of assignment. Sight-reading means that the user can see the notation but can not listen to the playback of the demo audio, forcing them to sightread the piece. Memorization means that the notation will disappear from the screen as soon as the user clicks Record and they will have to play from memory.
  6. Attempts Limit: This is the number of times the user can record the assignment. Once the user has reached this limit, they will not be able to record again, this number can not be changed once the assignment has been sent and if the user needs additional attempts you would have to send a new assignment.