Adding Learners to your Roster (Private Teachers/Directors)

1 min. readlast update: 03.21.2024
Please note: This article refers to the process of adding learners for Private Music Teachers and Directors. If your MatchMySound account is provided to you through your Music School or Lesson Program, please refer to this article. 


To begin sharing content with your learners, you will need to invite them to join MatchMySound.

To begin adding learners, go to My Roster on the Main Menu. Click Add Learner to open the dialog box to enter their information. You only need to add an email address. If you are organizing your learners into Groups, you can enter the Group Name here. You can edit and add groups later as well. For more information about Groups, click Here

Once you enter the learner's email address here and click Send Invite, an email will be sent to their email address with a link for them to create their account. Once you have sent the invitation, you can start adding assignments immediately. No need to wait for them to accept the invitation. For more information about sending assignments, click Here



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