Learner Dashboard

2 min. readlast update: 03.26.2024

When you log in to MatchMySound, you will be immediately brought to your Dashboard. From here, you can perform the most common tasks within MatchMySound


  • To Do—Click here to go directly to all of your open assignments. 
  • Submitted and Approved—Shows you quick stats about your recent activity.
  • All—Click here to go to all of your assignments.


Songs & Exercises

  • Explore—Click here to search and browse the library of available content provided by MatchMySound.
  • Favorites—Click here to go directly to the Songs, Exercises, and Collections you have added to your Favorites.
  • Content Progress—This shows your progress in collections from our content library. Clicking here will take you to an overview of the full content library.


Live Session

Clicking this button will take you directly to your Teacher/Director's Live Session Room, where you can meet and collaborate online or attend your online lessons. 


My Account

  • My Profile-From here, you can manage your name, email address, avatar, Application Settings, Payment Options, and browser our Membership Benefits partner offers.
  • Application Settings-Click here to go directly to your application settings.
  • Contact Us-Click here to open and email to our support team.
  • Log Out-Click here to log out of your account.
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