Tool Bar Options and Features

1 min. readlast update: 01.25.2024

Every time you open a MatchMySound Song, Exercise, or Assignment, you will have toolbar that allows you to interact with the piece. Depending on your screen size and whether you are logging in from a browser or our mobile app, the Tool Bar may be located on the side or bottom of your screen. The options and buttons are the same no matter what device you use. 

  • Play-Start playback from where the cursor is.
  • Rewind-Bring the cursor back to the beginning of the piece.
  • Record-Begin recording. You will hear a 2-measure count-in before recording begins.
  • Tuner-Opens the on-screen tuner
  • Options-Change options for Playback and Record. From here, you can control which audio you hear when you click the Play and Record buttons. For detailed information about these options, please see this article. 

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