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Record, Review and Submit an Audio Attempt

This article will review the steps for recording an audio attempt to be submitted to your Teacher/Director.

For information on how to record a Video Attempt, please see this article.

To begin, navigate to one of your assignments from the To Do button on the Dashboard or under Assignments on the main menu. For more information about the Dashboard, see this article.

All the controls you will need to listen to, practice, and record your assignment will be found in the toolbar to the right of the notation. For more information about the toolbar, see this article.

Before you record, choose the setting you wish to use from the Recording Options; this setting can be found under the Tracks button. For more information about Recording Options, see this article.

Remember, if you choose to record with the Demo Audio or Backing Track, you will need to use headphones, so the program only records your performance.

When you are ready to record, have your instrument ready and click the Record button on the toolbar. There will be a 2-measure count-in. 

When you are finished recording, you will see a screen that shows your overall performance score and detials for your Pitch, Rhythm, and Length Played as well as any General Feedback on your performance. You can click Close to dismiss this screen. It can be recalled at anytime by clicking on the stars at the top of the exercise.


Once you review your overall score, you can close this window to see the detailed feedback. 

  • Where the colored line dips up or down indicates that you sped up or slowed down during your performance.
  • The change in color indicates a difference in pitch from the written exercise: Green is good, Yellow is slightly different than expected, Red is very different than expected.
  • You can hold your mouse over these areas (or touch them if you are on a phone or tablet) to get more detailed information about what MatchMySound heard. 

To listen to your recording, click the Play button. You can toggle between the Demo Audio and your Recording by clicking either in the Notation (Demo Audio) or the Feedback line (Your Reording) 

Once you have reviewed your recording and are happy with the results, you can submit the attempt to your Teacher/Director. To do this, click on the Stars to bring back the overview of your results and click on the Submit Button.

If you are not quite ready to submit your recording, you can try again by clicking the Retry Button. The current attempt will be lost and you will not have the opportunity to go back and submit it once you have made a new recording. 


For a video overview of this topic, please see this article